Meet the New Kia That's Causing a Big Buzz. Meet the 2018 Kia Stinger.

Stinger Outside

One hundred and ninety inches long and seventy four inches wide, the Kia Stinger may take up more space than other compact sports sedans, but as it turns out, that's a good thing. This new performance-focused Kia model was, according to Kia, inspired by vintage Grand Touring cars of the past. Design-wise, this translates into a vehicle with a sleek, swooping roofline and minimal clutter.

Where the design gets more "busy," it's done very tastefully to add an aggressive flair to the exterior of this new Kia model. Take the front of the Stinger for instance. The fascia features menacing air-intake with a wide grille and attractive quasi-triangular headlights that make a bold statement. The hood and side panels are minimalistically elegant, while the rear features Jaguar-esque taillights and a Tesla Model S or Audi A7-like roof. Basically, the Stinger looks like a mix of all your favorite European and high-end models put together into one beautiful, bold package. And it competes with smaller premium sports cars because it handles like one, even though it offers more space than them for a better price! (Fun fact: it was developed on the Nurburgring).

Stinger Inside Inside, the dash centers around a high-tech infotainment display and three circular air vents. Premium soft-touch materials and high-grade leather abound. New, eye-catching interior color schemes are available as well. Due to the Stinger's size, it offers more interior space than most competitors, which your rear-passengers, especially, will appreciate.


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