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Santa Fe Kia: New Santa Fe Kia Dealership

A New Kia Dealership in Santa Fe, NM.


Santa Fe Kia has exciting news for you! We are building a brand new dealership experience right where we are presently located.

Our front-facing showroom was built in 1971 — it’s remained the same for more than 50 years! With our rebuild and expansion, we will not only modernize our showroom, but also make our block of St. Michael’s look and function even better than before.

We’re excited to welcome you when the remodeling is complete. In the meantime, we’ll remain in full operation and you’ll still receive the same great service you expect from Santa Fe Kia!


Description and Timeline

Morley Fletcher, owner of Santa Fe Kia, says, “We’re going to tear off the whole front third of the dealership and then redo it from the ground up. The back of the dealership and the service department where the technicians work are all going to stay the same but everything that has to do with our customers will be brand new. In addition, we’re building a service drive so customers will be able to drive into a brand new enclosed service drive.”

We’ve had this in the works for awhile — it’s been a dream of ours to transform our front facing building and showroom, which will also enhance the overall St. Michael’s corridor experience. St. Michael’s corridor houses one of the most frequented and essential business neighborhoods in town, but it has long been neglected in city planning efforts. We’re so looking forward to getting our rebuild started!

We will begin new construction for our dealership at our same location on St. Michael’s and anticipate late spring 2023 for demolition of our current showroom. Our remodeling and new construction should be completed by the end of the year.

We will completely remodel the front facing original building. Our existing automotive service bays will remain the same — they provide efficient space and machinery to work smoothly for our technicians just as they are since we consistently update the garage bays with state-of-the-art automotive technology to service and repair any Kia model.


A depiction of a Subaru equipped with Auto Vehicle Hold.


Customer Experience

Everything on the customer’s end will be brand new — our outward facing showroom will be built front and center plus we’re expanding with an open floor plan connecting all service customer waiting areas. For customers looking to buy a new or used vehicle, we will have warm and welcoming reception areas for them as well.

Santa Fe Kia wants to make sure that we’re updating our business and giving back to the community by providing new and better places to go or do business. Therefore, our efforts to build this new facility not only go along with the new Kia models and complement their technological and stylistic advances, but also further support our community.

Our Sales and Service Departments will remain open throughout our remodel to serve all of your needs, operating out of several office trailers, set up with comfortable customer areas, protected from the elements with easy access to all inventory, service, and waiting areas.


Providing new and better places to go

Home to so many varied and essential Santa Fe businesses, St. Michael’s corridor provides quick access for many locals to everything from grocery stores and gas stations to fast food and fine dining. It is home to local small businesses such as creative music studios and ranch supply stores, health and wellness centers, cafés, gardening and home decor shops, as well as government buildings and schools. We want to improve our neighborhood by beautifying and modernizing our business while making easier access to it from the busy thoroughfare, and therefore help incentivize the entire corridor.

As Morley Fletcher says, “With the new unbelievable technology that Kia is putting in their cars and then the modern styling on the exterior of the cars, we want to make sure that we’re offering that to the customers in the form of the building aesthetics, comfort, and technology, and giving them an up-to-date facility to be able to participate with the purchasing or servicing of their cars.”

You’ll still receive the same great service from Santa Fe Kia! We will not have a formal showroom during construction, but customers will have full access to our show yard and we welcome you to survey our latest inventory. Our remodel aims to match the look and experience of our Santa Fe Kia dealership with the outstanding interior and exterior styling of the Kia vehicle aesthetics. We are remodeling our Santa Fe Kia dealership to serve you and the Santa Fe community better. We are so excited to show you!